Child Passenger Safety Technicians

Facts To Consider..

Go to Bad Installation

Bad Installation

90% of all child car seats are installed improperly!

Go to Rear-Facing


Rear-facing is 5 times safer than Forward-facing!

Go to Expiration Date

Expiration Date

Every car seat has an expiration date. Make sure to check yours!

Correct Installation

A properly installed child seat can reduce the risk of death in a crash up to 72%!

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What We Do

Inspections & Installations
How We Do It

We work around your schedule. 24/7.
We come to your house, work or any location that works best for you to inspect and install your child car seats.
We give it our "CERTIFIED SAFE" stamp of approval.
We charge LESS and ensure MORE than anyone.
Then within 24-48 hours, we follow up with you to make sure everything is great.
Feedback is always greatly appreciated.

  • For Inspections & Installations

  • We are Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians

  • We triple check before stamping our CERTIFIED SAFE approval

  • It is our mission to provide this service at a lower price than anyone else